Galata Bridge Meat and Fish Restaurant

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The most delicious world cuisine

Delicious meat and fish products

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at Neptune Restaurant

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Meat & Fish Restaurant

The best meat & fish flavors of Turkish and World Cuisine


Daily fresh seafood is transformed into unforgettable tastes with the presentation of our experienced service personnel in the hands of our master chefs!

World Kitchen

Delicious Meat & Fresh Seafood


Have a pleasant conversation with your dinner meetings, birthday celebration, wedding anniversary or just your friends. The right address for all …

A unique view of Istanbul, sea smell, seagull sounds, fresh seafood accompanied by local and foreign drinks … All at Neptün Restaurant!

Neptün Restaurant Menus

Our fixed menus



Russian Salad

Cannellini Beans with Olive Oil

Eggplant Salad

Marinated Anchovies

Mackerel Marin

Pastry Rolls With Cheese

Fried Calamari

Fish Meatball

Season Salad

Bream or Bass – Anchovies – Mackerel

Mixed Fruits Platter and Halva Cooked in Pot

2 Glasses of Alcoholic Drinks

150 TL


Yogurt Purslane Salad

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Roasted Peppers

Anchovy with Olive

Bass Marin

Stuffed Mussels

Fried Shrimp in Butter

Fish Pastry

Fried Calamari

Season Salad

Bream or Bass or Fish on Tile or Fried Whiting

Mixed Fruits Platter

Figs Dessert

2 Glasses of Alcoholic Drinks

160 TL

Daily Fresh Foods
Top quality products
We carefully select every product that comes into our kitchen and bring it to your table
Domestic and Foreign
Beverage selections
We cater to your taste buds with our varied drinks
Service with Smiling Face
For your pleasant moments
We always provide friendly service with our professional employees.
Neptün Restaurant Reservation

Our working hours

7 Days of the Week

We are serving in hours

10:00 am – 03:00 pm

+9 0(212) 243-35-55

Neptün Restaurant

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Customer Feedback

Neptune Restaurant, which we prefer for the company dinner, is quite pleased with the need to get the service and the employees. Thanks
The Neptune restaurant that offers us with these delicious dishes to enjoy dinner with its unique views is really very different from the others.
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